Week 13

This week I was busy finishing up all of my projects. Yay! I have presented my Apologia Statue to the class. It was inspired from Greeks and their philosophy, and the aesthetic of their plain and smooth surfaces. My second and third projects are coming along well and in the firing process. I’m going to continue my plan to glaze them. I also have the cups, however during neglect during their drying process the handles did not make it!:(

However I will still have enough cups to complete the second project, with even having to compromise to cups I’ve made this semester. I’ve made nine cups dedicated for this project, however only 4 made it. Oh well, it is ceramics! 🙂

My third project is ready to be fired as well. Since it has no base, I am trying to quickly think of the best way to fire it. I have thought it over, and I will either leave one side smooth as intended, to contract against the devilish other face. Or, I may spray paint it after it has been fired.


Blog week 12

My first project has been fired and is now finished, ready to be dropped off to its buyer. Over break I had started to work on my second project and have finished it in its wet ware state. I’ve made 8 tentacles that can be hung on the wall. I used a large nail as reference and made it slightly bigger, I’m not sure what the shrink rate of this clay is so I’m really just crossing my fingers in hope I can find some nail that can support it, especially with the weight of the cup on it. I still have to decide how I want to glaze them, I’m thinking I want to do a combination of Steve’s Copper Red and Jeff’s Long beech Blue. I have made small clusters of clay that can allow for them to be fired while standing upright, the downside is there will be a bare spot where it had fired on the stand, but I’ve done my best to minimize it. I’ve also begun in my final project, with no base. I’ve made two face bases and I plan to combine the two like a two-way mask with one face stoic and one face demonic-like.

Recent week

With two new projects due by the end of the semester, I went ahead and took some creative liberty and starting the last project. I spent most of my weekend time at the studio working on a large coil built pot. I’ve always wanted to make one, and after watching a few tutorials and learning techniques of building large scale pottery I began to work on mine. Unfortunately, I didn’t take any pictures of what it had looked like beforehand, but I do have pictures of what it looked like after. Behold!, the reason why I screamed into an empty parking lot at midnight. The pot was over fifteen inches high at this point (half way done) and I had accidentally floored the wheel pedal, therefore immediately making my piece explode. Throwing clay is so much fun!

Besides my huge set back, I was also able to mix 2 of my 3 glazes. While I was in the glaze room I also caught up on pieces I neglected to glaze that I hid in my locker. I have a lot to do this week to make up for my piece being voided, and right now I’m slowly going back and forth between the two projects.

Also, here are pictures of my triad oak blends since the pictures didn’t upload last time.


This week I added the base tentacle to my new cups, and following this week I will add the details. My wrapped piece has a few plastic marks on it which has dried in, so I will need to figure out a way to smooth them out before it gets fired. This week we will be working on triaxial blends, but I will need to find a new base that does not expand as my last pieces went. I’m not sure which component made them expand, or perhaps it was the firing and the specific cone. The recipe didn’t specify any particular firing techniques, as it is not a crystalline glaze but simply one that crackles.


This week we worked on testing tiles. I chose to do a crackle based cone 6 glaze. As you can see, the glaze decided to expand instead of crack. I guess it created a cool effect, however it was not what I was going for. The 300 batch consisted of nepheline syenite, OM#4 ball clay, magnesium carbonate, and bentonite, and stain for colorant. During out of class studio hours I also monitored the drying of my piece, as well as threw a few cups. Next week I plan to add the tentacle handles. I was hoping to glaze them in the test glaze, but first I need to modify or change bases so they do not expand as much, and also achieve a crackle effect that I was striving for.

Week 4

I didn’t do much studio time this week since I was out of town for the weekend. However a few of my items were fired. I do think the black stoneware glazes well, as I had always believed, and I did it anyway. I think the rustic look could play well with the tentacle mugs, but it is not the look I am going for. Luckily my future mugs are porcelain and will glaze much better.

Week 3

This week I was finally able to comfortably hollow out my body. I feel like I am constantly petting it to keep a smooth and clean surface, however wrapping it in plastic deforms the surface quite frequently. Now I’m working on creating a cloth piece, however the thinness and wetness creates cracks and unsightly markings. A creative way in the past that I’ve done to create a cloth like look was using the extruder and using the scrap pieces that rise up from the push, however this time they’ve only come out flat instead of rippled. I’m not sure if it’s the porcelain or the quantity of clay. This week I’ve also thrown a few pieces, I’ve glazed the previous pieces and I’m hoping by next week or so they will all be fired and I’ll have 20 or so pieces finished.